Thoughts and Feelings 1
Sentence Completion Play Therapy Card Game

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Thoughts and Feelings is a cheerfully animated card game designed to engage children of all ages. The deck contains 35 sentence completion cards especially effective in helping children identify and communicate their thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics. Thoughts and Feelings 1 is fantastic on its own, and even better when combined with Thoughts and Feelings 2. 
Therapists and teachers find the cards to be ideal as an ice breaker, and as an assessment tool for gathering valuable information. The game can be used alone or with other games to add therapeutic value to individual or group discussions in a non-threatening way. Thoughts and Feelings is a great way to find out what each player is thinking, feeling, wishing, and hoping. Families find it fun and entertaining around the dinner table and on the go!
Five Star Rating

Ages 5+2 or More Players
35 Cards

Dimensions: 5 ¼" h x 4" w x 3/4 d
Revised Edition 2018
Play Therapy Card Game
** Please note: the Spanish version does not have English on the cards.

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