PROMO Poster Set Plus Free Coloring Book

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Bright Spots Games Play Therapy Poster Set includes "An Ocean of Emotions" & "Flowers with Feelings" posters along with a free coloring book.

  • Play Therapy Posters help children identify and express their feelings and emotions
  • Ideal at school or in a therapeutic setting, they allow children to color the black & white side over and over again using washable crayons
  • Designed to help parents, teachers, therapists and mental health professionals who engage children
  • The fun "Ocean of Emotions" & "Flowers with Feelings" Poster Set are engaging for kids
  • Qty: 2 Posters + 1 Free Coloring Book (while supplies last)

Free Coloring Book TestimonialsBright Spots Games Free Shipping & Handling

 "Hey, the flowers have the same feelings as me" 

 "All the kids with feelings will like it" 

 "I like the grumpy lady bug. I get grumpy too, but just a tiny bit"