Useful Addition to a Counselor's Toolbox

Posted by Elizabeth Wornham on

I have found this most helpful when paired with a game such as Candyland. Pairing the cards with a game like Candyland enhances the interest factor for kids. I pick three different colors and let the child know at the beginning that every time someone draws one of those three colors they will also draw a Thoughts and Feelings Card. It's a non threatening way to get quiet kiddos in particular to open up and share. Once they give an answer I can explore the topic more with them if appropriate. The only caution I might offer is that you might want to pre arrange the cards...During one game the first card we drew was "Someone I know who has died is..." This was kind of an intense start to the activity! Other than that, however, the cards offer a great starting point for deeper conversation.

D. Embree


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